The Student Creativity Program is an annual routine program that provides opportunities for student groups to submit activity proposals to be funded by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. This program aims to grow, accommodate and realize creative and innovative ideas from students. The student creativity program is divided into 7 schemes: Research, Entrepreneurship, Community Service, Technology Implementation, Creation, Scientific Article, Written Ideas, and Constructive Futuristic Ideas.


The following are the five teams of the Faculty of Nursing students who get funded

Chairperson Title Type Fund Supervising Lecturer
Poppy Nurul ASmaul Razak (Nursing Science) POSTER (Portable Sterilizer based Solar Powered) Innovation of Surgical Instrument Sterilization with Solar Technology for the Electric Power Area Creation Rp 7,525,000 Mulhaeriah Anwar, S.Kep., Ns., M.Kep., Sp. Mat
Ishmah Rosyidah (Nursing Science) Innovation of Modern Natural Wound Plaster from Red Dragon Fruit Extract (Hylocereus Plyrhizus) as Mediator of Anti-Inflammatory Substitution of Conventional Wound Plaster Research Rp 7,500,000 Moh. Syafar Sangkala, S.Kep., Ns., MANP
Annisa Rahmayani Gunawan (Nursing Science) Against Taboo: Revealing the Quality of Life and Reproductive Experience of Women in Early Marriage on Kodingareng Island Research Rp 7,800,000 Nurmaulid, S.Kep., Ns., M.Kep.
Adji Kurniawan Dwinagara (Physiotherapy) SBD (Smart Bag Detector): Innovation of School Backpacks as an Early Warning and Prevention of Postural Disorders Creation Rp 5,600,000 Rijal, S.Ft., Physio, M.Kes., M.Sc.
Dies Izah Qonita (Physiotherapy) Evening Fantasy at Losari Beach to Improve Positive Body Image of Children with Disabilities in YPAC Makassar Community Service Rp 7,000,000 Yudi Hardianto, S.Ft., Physio, MClinRehab