Selection of high achieving students is an annual activity agenda of the student affairs in each faculty at Hasanuddin University, including the Faculty of Nursing. The high achieving students are assessed in 5 terms: The Grade Point Average, achievements, scientific papers, foreign language skills and personality treats. The five aspects are collected by participants to the committee in the form of academic transcripts signed by the vice dean of academics, scientific papers, summaries of scientific papers in English, and evidence of achievements and awards. Furthermore, participants with complete documents will go to the next selection stage: interviews, scientific writing presentations and English presentations.


This year, the selection of high achieving students at the Faculty of Nursing was held on March 11, 2019 at the Faculty of Nursing’s Meeting Room. The series of activities began with the registration and selection process which was opened on February 19, 2019. From the documents that were submitted to the committee, 10 participants from the nursing study program and physiotherapy study program registered online and collected the requirements documents. Up until March 9, 2019, only 5 participants submitted the complete documents, so that the five participants were entitled to take part in the stages of interview and presentation.


Selection of interviews and presentations was carried out in the presence of 4 judges who assessed the performance of each participant. The scores of all judges of each participant were then collected according to the assessment format specified in the 2019 High Achieving Selection Guidelines to obtain the total scores of each participant. Determination of champions was based on the highest total score of the participants. The jury’s decision was final and cannot be contested. First place with the highest total score has the right to represent the Faculty of Nursing to compete at the university level. The winner of the high achieving student selection at Hasanuddin University level will represent Hasanuddin University in the national level of high achieving student selection event.


The results of the high achieving student selection of 2019 Faculty of Nursing were announced on March 13, 2019. The event was attended by representatives of Hasanuddin University Student and Alumni Affairs, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Deputy Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs, Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs, Head of Nursing Science Study Program, Head of Physiotherapy Program, participants, lecturers and students, and education staffs


The results of the high achieving student Faculty of Nursing 2019:


1st Winner: Tirton Harinata Simajuntak from Physiotherapy Study Program


2nd Winner: Nurul Fauziah Arifin from Physiotherapy Study Program


3rd Winner: Hardiyanti Yunus from Nursing Science Study Program

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