The inauguration and appreciation program of the Hasanuddin University Faculty of Nursing Students Organization (BEM) organized by BEM FKep together with the Freshman of the  Faculty of Nursing 2018. This event is an annual event that demonstrates the talents and artistic abilities of 2018 new students as well as inauguration as a new member of KEMA FKep Unhas. Another interesting thing about the event was the awarding of FKep academic community members (lecturers, staff, and students) with The friendliest Lecturer / staff category, The Most Inspiring Lecturer, The Best Lecturer / staff, HIMIKA / HIMAFISIO members Award,  The most popular Freshman , Most Active Freshman, etc.)
Currently there are 5 study programs under the Nursing Faculty, among others: S1 Nursing Study Program, Physiotherapy S1 Study Program, Professional Study Program Study Program, Physiotherapy Professional Study Program and Nursing S2 Study Program.