Himika’s Anniversary Activity is a routine activity held by Himika every year. This activity was held to commemorate the birthday of Himika which fell on February 11. In 2019, Himika’s Anniversary activities were slightly different from previous years. Because the Himika Anniversary event this time was coupled with several branches of scientific competitions held at regional or all Makassar levels. The competition branches competed in scientific competitions are scientific essay competitions, public posters, and speech contests. In addition to the Makassar level competition, the 18th anniversary of HIMIKA also competed in several competitions in the sports and arts category which were only contested for Himalayan residents. Sports that are competed in sports category competitions are volleyball, badminton and futsal competitions. The art competition is an acoustic competition and a dangdut solo singing contest.
The opening of the anniversary was held on February 10, 2019 which was held in the courtyard of the GOR which was opened by the head of the nursing science study program in this case represented by the student division, symbolized by the ribbon cutting and balloon release. This activity was enlivened by many Himika residents, starting in 2012 until 2018. The 18th anniversary of the opening ceremony of HIMIKA was coupled with a leisurely walk, a sack race, a marathon race and a tug of war race.
The series of sports, arts and science competitions are held from the period 11-22 February 2019. The scientific competition and one of the branches of the sports competition are on 16 February 2019. Three branches of scientific competitions (scientific essays, public posters, and speeches) are held on the floor 5 Hasanuddin university nursing faculties. Each jury of each race branch is a lecturer in nursing study program Unhas. Scientific participants come from nursing institutions in Makassar such as the Indonesian Muslim University, Alauddin National Islamic University, Makassar STIK, etc. This scientific race is very demanding for the creativity of participants in giving birth and displays something related to the theme raised, namely “Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)”. The announcement for this scientific competition will be delivered at the Himika Anniversary Ceremonial on February 24, 2019.
The art competition which includes acoustic and dangdut solo competitions were held on February 14, 2019 on the 4th floor of the Hasanuddin University Nursing Faculty. Each active force sends its delegation in each branch of the art competition. The jury in the art competition category is the trainer of the nursing study student choir (Himika Choir) and the winner of this art competition will be displayed at the Himika Anniversary ceremonial.
The competition which was held on February 16, 2019 is a volleyball competition. This competition was held at the Unhas Volleyball UKM field. Just like the race at the opening, this competition was also attended by many Himika residents, starting from 2012 to 2018. Not forgetting, Ners B also enlivened the volleyball competition this time. Badminton sports competition was held on February 17, 2019, at Aptisi. Unexpectedly, this sporting race which was initially predicted to be of little interest instead became a venue for friendship enlivened by many forces, including Ners B. Same as the volleyball competition, the competition was only held one day considering the ceremonial time is getting closer. The competition that has not been contested is a futsal competition which will be held on February 21-22 2019, at the Student Center of the Faculty of Medicine, Hasanuddin University.