On February 20-21 2019, The Bachelor Science in Nursing Leading to Professional Nurse (BSN-PN) Program had the opportunity to become one of Universitas Hasanuddin (Unhas) study programs which were assessed by the ASIIN International Accreditation Agency. There were four study programs that were given the opportunity to be assessed by ASIIN namely Nursing and Pharmacy Study Programs which included on life science clusters; and Aquaculture Study Program and Food Technology Science Study Program for agriculture cluster. ASIIN, which is one of the international accreditation bodies based in Germany, assigned 5 assessors to assess the life science cluster study program, namely Prof. Dr. Steve Strupeit, Prof. Dr. Philipp Eschenbeck, Prof. Dr. Gert Fricker, Dr. Frank-Petter Ritter, Mr. Arnold Rainer, and 1 Alumni from ITB (Ms. Intan Dinny Nuaralifa).

The agenda of the accreditation visit on the first day at Faculty of Nursing Unhas included welcoming and discussion with the assessor team and the head of the Nursing Faculty, which continued with discussions with students of BSN-PN Program, discussions with lecturers of BSN-PN Program, and closed with the facilitation visit of Faculty of Nursing Unhas on the 4th and 5th floor including laboratories, classrooms, reading room and many more.

The agenda of accreditation activities on the second day of the visitation began with an assessor discussion together with alumni and users/partners of BSN-PN Program and Pharmacy Study Program in the Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas Building. After that, followed by a clarification meeting of the ASIIN assessment team with officials and leaders at the level of Hasanuddin University, and the four study programs that have gone through the ASIIN accreditation process. After the meeting, the ASIIN assessment team also visited the Hasanuddin University Teaching Hospital to observe the learning process of students learning Professional Nurse Program and the health care system at the hospital. Some of the visited rooms included class 1, 2 and 3 nursing rooms and the polyclinic.