The Hasanuddin University (UNHAS) Research Meeting and Okayama Prefectural University (OPU) are activities carried out by two Nursing Education Institutions at UNHAS and OPU in November in Japan in 2016. This activity was held thanks to the collaboration that has been established between the two Universities since 2014 until now. This meeting was held at the Nursing School in OPU, Soja, Okayama, Japan, which was precisely on 8.9, and 10 November 2016. The 3-day activity was supplemented by a three-day trip home and going to Japan-Makassar making this activity take place on the 6th -11 November 2016 and became a very solid but interesting activity to be followed Two lecturers from the Nursing Science Study Program – UNHAS Medical Faculty participated in the success of this activity namely Silvia Malasari, S.Kep., Ns., MN and Nurmaulid, S.Kep. , Ns., M.Kep. From the OPU Nursing School, this activity was supported by a number of sensei, including Sakae Mikane, RN., PhD, Sachiko Inoue, RN., PhD., Rie Ikeda, PhD, RM, RN, and Junko Sasaki, PhD. The head of the OPU Nursing Department was sensei Mieko Yamaguchi, RN., PhD.

The meeting activities are more clearly comprised of several activities such as visits to Okayama Rehabilitation Hospital to learn about health systems and services especially nursing care obtained by elderly patients and disability patients at the hospital. A visit to the Community Health Center that organizes health promotion and prevention activities on a monthly basis. The following day, a guest lecture was held on Geriatric Nursing in Indonesia given by Silvia Malasari, S. Kep., Ns., MN (UNHAS lecturer) to OPU Nursing level 3 students; then the activity of introducing Japanese culture of Origami art and Kanji calligraphy, and later in the afternoon a meeting was held to discuss the research plan between PSH-FK UNHAS lecturers and OPU Nursing Lecturers. Next is a visit to the hospital. Saint. Maria in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan to see the Simulation Education Center and Nursing Services, especially Maternity and Child Nursing.