Nurses are in charge of providing quality nursing services and care, in accordance with their fields of expertise and / or authority from various levels of education. Indonesian competency tests are needed to improve the standardization of competencies of newly graduated nurses. In an effort to improve the reliability of the competency test, a standard setting is carried out to determine the passing limit value (NBL).

The standard setting for determining the NBL was recently held at Park Hotel, Cawang, Jakarta on 28-30 October 2016 which was attended by representatives from various nursing education institutions throughout Indonesia, both private and public institutions. Focused group discussion (FGD) was carried out as a method of determining the standard setting, which ultimately resulted in an agreement that the NBL competency test for the September 2016 period was 48.3. This number increased from the previous NBL, which was 46.7, so it is expected that nurse quality will increase along with the increase in the NBL.