On September 13, 2016, PSIK Unhas received an academic visit from a high-ranking official of the Ramathibodi School of Nursing, Mahidol University. The group of high-ranking Ramathibodi officials consisted of 7 people, namely:

  1. Associate Professor Dr. Renu Pookboonmee, Director of Ramathibodi School of Nursing
  2. Professor Dr. Rutja Phuphabail, Co-Chairperson of the PhD Program
  3. Assistant Professor Dr. Wantana Maneesriwongul, Deputy Director for Academic & International Affairs
  4. Assistant Professor Dr. Patcharin Nintachan, Deputy Director for Graduate Study and Research
  5. Associate Professor Dr. Poolsuk Janepanish Visudtibhan, Chairperson, Master of Nursing Science Program (International Program)
  6. Assistant Professor Dr. Porntip Malathum, Chairperson, Adult & Gerontological Nursing Division
  7. Dr. Suporn Wongvatunyu, Commitee, Master of Nursing Science Program (International Program

The delegation was received by the Head of the Nursing and Undergraduate Study Program at the Nursing Senate room on the 5th floor of the PSIK Unhas. After being accepted, the group conveyed the intent and purpose of the visit to the Unhas PSIK and presented the views of their educational institution Mahidol University Thailand. Department of Nursing S1: Dr. Ariyanti Saleh, SKp., M.Kes and Head of Nursing Master Program: Dr. Elly. L. Sjattar, SKp., M.Kes also had the opportunity to explain about each of their study programs in front of guests from the land of the white elephant.

Moving on from the senate room, the group was then taken to visit learning facilities and supporting facilities available at the PSIK Unhas. Starting from the nursing laboratory room, administration room, student affairs, classrooms to the nursing student practice sites at Unhas Hospital. In one of the classrooms, the group interacted with nursing students who were conducting classroom learning activities using active learning lectures. The group was very enthusiastic and was amazed to see how the creativity of Unhas PSIK students in presenting lecture material using the Gallery Walk technique, and they admit that this method is very interesting because it can increase students’ motivation in learning. They even said that they would adopt this method for their students at Mahidol University especially for nursing students.

Towards noon, the group was taken by the Head of Nursing and S1 Study Program to meet with the Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development Cooperation, Prof. dr. Budu, PhD, Sp. M (K). In his beautiful office and located in the 6th floor of the rectorate building, Prof. Budu accepts the group in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The group was treated to traditional Bugis Makassar snacks as part of the promotion of local culture at Hasanuddin University.
After finishing eating traditional sweet cakes, the group was then taken by Prof. Budu to visit the Hasanuddin University Hospital, which is about 500 meters from the rector’s building.

Unhas Hospital is one of the teaching hospitals for unhas nursing students who undergo professional Ners education and was established in 2010. The group was received by officials of Unhas Hospital, including the Director of Unhas Hospital and Prof. Idrus Paturusi who served as Chancellor of Unhas in the previous two periods. After being accepted by the Unhas Hospital, the group was then invited to tour around by Prof. Budu to get to know the various rooms and modern facilities in the hospital.

At the end of his visit, Dean Ramathibodi expressed the impression of being very satisfied with the acceptance they received at Hasanuddin University as a whole. They also sincerely hope that after their visit there will be a follow-up of cooperation that can be carried out jointly between the Ramathibodi School of Nursing, Mahidol University and the Nursing Study Program, both through joint cooperation in research, education and other cooperation that will benefit both parties.