Greetings from the International Office of Universitas Hasanuddin,

On behalf of Universitas Hasanuddin, Makassar, Indonesia, we are delighted to inform you regarding our The 5th UNHAS International Cultural Program 2022. The program offers international students of partner universities and beyond from different disciplines and backgrounds, and other international students are welcome to apply. This program will be filled with several interesting topics focusing on culture in South Sulawesi. Therefore, the theme of our program is Maritime Culture of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. We hope you will encourage your International students, including the KNB Scholarship Awardees and other scholarship awardees, to join our program.


Registration: 17 – 24 August 2022

Announcement: 27 August 2022

D-Days: 13 – 17 September 2022

The required documents are:

– Curriculum Vitae

– Pass Photo

– Recommendation Letter (from home university/supervisor/lecture)

– Student Number ID

– Passport ID/National Card Number

What we cover:

– Domestic flights

– Full accommodation during the program


– Courses will be conducted by the expert lectures

– Gain knowledge and skills

– Build Networking

– Cultivate cross cultural skills and awareness

– Certificate

We are hoping that you can share this information with your students and we look forward to having your students in our The 5th UNHAS International Cultural Program 2022 and we also attached our flyer and Term of Reference to complete information regarding our activities.

Website Information:

Registration Link for Unhas Students:

Registration Link for International Student who residing in Indonesian or who are eligible for Visa on Arrival:

Please contact us for any additional information required to

Thank you and we are waiting for your response at your earliest convenient time.

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