A Program for Collaboration and Support Enhancement of Women Academics


Unhas – Makassar. International Office (KUI) of Universitas Hasanuddin has organized a workshop addressed to Unhas women

researchers. This was the first section of serial workshops as a performance of program facilitated by Prof. Julia Connel Women



Women Researchers@Unhas is established to meaningfully enhance collaboration and support for women academics at Unhas. Over this first section, the participants were expected to learn and collaborate with each other while becoming more effective in managing their academic careers and other responsibilities.


The workshop was conducted at Rectorat Building of Universitas Hasanuddinon 15th September 2017. 25 Unhas women academics had participated in the event. The workshop comprised of keynote talks on Tips on Becoming a Senior Female Academic presented by Prof. Julia Connell and a topical question and answer session.