Universitas Hasanuddin Conducted an International Webinar Discussing Safety in Pandemic.

8 Jul 2020 , admin-02 Akademik

Universitas Hasanuddin (UNHAS) through the Department of Occupational Health and Safety (OSH), Faculty of Public Health held an International Webinar with the theme "OHS Best Practices in the Workplace in the Covid-19 Pandemic Conditions". The activity that became the initial series of the 64th Anniversary of Unhas started at 08.30 pm through zoom meeting application and live streaming on the Faculty of Public Health YouTube channel on Hasanuddin University, Wednesday (08/07).

drg. Kartini Rustandi, M. Kes. (Director of Occupational Health and Sports Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia), Ts. Dr. Ismaniza Ismail (Malaysian Industrial Hygiene Association (MIHA) / Senior Lecturer, Gunaan Science Faculty, MARA Universiti Teknologi, Malaysia), and Dr. Furqaan Naiem, M.Sc., Ph.D (Lecturer of the OHS Department of Faculty of Public Health) were invited to be the main speakers.

Starting the activity, Committee Chair, Dr. Lalu Muhammad Saleh, SKM., M.Kes., Reported that the purpose of the activity was to form of awareness and social responsibility. This activity is intended to provide information in facing the new normal period through the OHS approach.

"Since registration was opened, we have received a large number of registrants, spread from Sabang to Merauke. With this activity we hope that the community is truly prepared to face the post-pandemic phase by continuing to apply the principles of health protocols at work," said Lalu.

On the same occasion, the Dean of the Faculty of Public Health, Dr. Aminuddin Syam, SKM., M.Kes., M.Med., Ed. said that the webinar can broaden the public's knowledge to prevent and anticipate transmission in the workplace by applying OHS principles in the midst of the pandemic.

"It is the duty of the OHS Department to provide an understanding of the safety protocols of workers in carrying out productive activities during the pandemic. This is crucial to be understood," said Dr. Aminuddin.

Furthermore, Dr. Aminuddin added that activities like this will continue considering that currently the Faculty of Public Health get the trust as the organizing committee for the 64th Anniversary of Unhas.

The international webinar was officially opened by the Rector of Unhas, Prof. Dr. Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, MA. In her remarks, she appreciated the activities that carried a strategic topic in dealing with the new normal phase, especially for workers who had to prioritize OHS in the midst of a pandemic crisis.

"The pandemic has provided momentum to reorganize all work behaviors, patterns, and interaction models. This has become important to disseminate information to the public regarding work safety in the new normal period," explained Prof. Dwia.

The workplace becomes one of the Covid-19 transmission areas, considering the processes of interaction, physical contact, and crowdedness. The application of OHS becomes very significant to be considered by always prioritizing the principles of health protocol.

Prof. Dwia hopes this will be a collaborative media for both individual and institution to produce a view that can be used as a reference for implementing OHS in accordance to the current condition.

"I am waiting for the results of this activity so that they can be disseminated to all parties to be considered and implemented in their respective workplaces," said Prof. Dwia.

After the ceremony, the event was then continued with the presentation from the speakers. drg. Kartini Rustandi, M. Kes., (Director of Occupational Health and Sports of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia) delivered a topic on "Health Protocol as the Basis for Adaptation of New Habits". According to her, the process of adaptation needs to be carried out by the community as an effort to adjust themselves after the pandemic so that the community can return to their daily productive activities.

"This adaptation requires efforts, for example, presenting new norms that bring us to the culture in which there is the application of health protocols," said Kartini.

All components in one work area play an important role in the prevention of Covid-19 transmission. In terms of ownership management, these efforts can be made by establishing policies that are in line with current conditions, facilitating a safe workplace, proactively monitoring, providing dissemination of information, education for workers, and other efforts as a form of suppressing the spread of Covid-19 at workplace.

"Not only owner management that must be considered, but also workers play a role by implementing health protocols at home and workplace. Everyone takes an important role for that," continued Kartini.

After presenting the material, the event then proceeded to the presentation of other speakers, Ts. Dr. Ismaniza Ismail (MARA University of Technology, Malaysia) with the title "Best Practice Experience in Malaysia Prevention Covid-19 at Work" and Dr. Furqaan Naiem, M.Sc., Ph.D (Senior Lecturer of the K3 Department of FKM Unhas) with the title "Occupational Safety and Health with Covid-19".

The activity was guided by Yahya Thamrin, SKM., M. Kes., MOHS, Ph.D (Lecturer and Chair of the Faculty of Oublic Health, OHS Department). It was attended by approximately 900 participants and ended at 12.00 Wita. 


Editor: Ishaq Rahman, AMIPR

Head of sub-directorate of Public Relation and Information

Directorate of Communication Hasanuddin University

Translator: Kumara Tungga Dewa and Karmila Mokoginta

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