Unhas has reached 3rd and 4th position in Indonesian Science and Technology Index

18 May 2019 , admin00 Akademik

The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) constantly encourages academic productivity of faculty members through journal publications, books, and Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI). This commitment is realised by creating the apps of the Science and Technology Index (SINTA), which is intended to bring access to citations and expertise. 
On Saturday, 5/18/2019, the data in Science and Technology Index (SINTA, http://sinta2.ristekdikti.go.id) portal clearly shows the continuous improvement on the position of Universitas Hasanuddin. SINTA score for Unhas now reaches 4.958, or occupies fourth place after the University of Indonesia (score 9.415), Gadjah Mada University (score 6.966), and Bandung Institute of Technology (score 6.359). 
As for the aspect of the intellectual property rights (HAKI), Unhas has achieved the third place in national position, with 630 intellectual property rights. It surpassed Gadjah Mada University which has been placed in the sixth position (458 intellectual property rights), Bandung Institute of Technology in seventh position (402 intellectual property rights) and University of Indonesia in eighth position (362 intellectual property rights).
Meanwhile, Unhas is at the 9th place in national position of SINTA for the number of documents indexed by Scopus. Unhas has 3.162 documents that were successfully indexed by Scopus. This is the first time Unhas can be in the top ten of SINTA 
Since its launch in January 30th, 2017, SINTA has become one of the references of Kemenristekdikti in measuring the academic productivity of lecturers and universities. The significant improvement of Unhas is the direct impact of the performance of research and publications.
The Director of Publication Management Center (PMC) Unhas, Muhammad Arsyad, Ph.D explained that the achievement of Unhas is still relative, and UNHAS still needs a sustained and consistent effort to maintain the good performance in publication. 
"Now the total publications of Unhas indexed by Scopus has reached 2.682 documents, spreading in around 170 reputable international journals. Then we constantly encourage contribution and collaboration in joint authorship with leading universities in the world "said Arsyad, who is also the leader of the Unhas SINTA Team.
Based on the document types in Scopus, more than 60 percent of Unhas publications are journal articles, and the rest are reviewed papers, book chapters, notes, editors and proceedings. "This year, Unhas targets 1.250 documents in Scopus. We have made various efforts to become a catalyst for lecturers in encouraging publications, including optimizing publications in the Postgraduate School to achieve this target, "Said Arsyad. 
The Head of Institute of Research and Community Service Unhas (LP2M) Prof. Dr. Alimuddin Unde, M.Sc explained that the improvement of academic productivity can be attained because there is good cooperation and coordination between researchers, inventors and the institutional support. 
“Institute of Research and Community Service Unhas (LP2M) is a very significant pillar in achieving quality scientific publication output. We have to start by producing high quality research. Unhas has allocated 20 billion rupiahs of internal funds to accelerate the increase in publication output and other outcomes. Moreover, the clustering of Universities in 2019 has included the elements of Input, Process, Output and Outcome,” said Prof. Alimuddin.  
The Rector of Unhas Prof. Dr. Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, MA expresses her appreciation to the faculty members, researchers, the inventors of HaKi, and the authors of the book for enabling Unhas to reach this position. 
“I believe that this is our hard work together. Although Unhas has successfully managed to enter the top ten of SINTA, we should not be satisfied with this achievement. This is only the tool to find out our achievement. Basically, the research, publication, and intellectual property rights must become the brand of the University, and they should be beneficial for the community," said Prof. Dwia.
Previously, Sub Directorate of Kemenristekdikti Scientific Publication Facilitation has conducted “A study of scientific research publication productivity in region 9 of Sulawesi” which took place at Unhas Publication Management Center (PMC), Thursday, 5/16/2019. On this occasion, the Head of the Sub directorate of Scientific Publications Facility, Dr. Hanief Arief mentioned that it is very important for every lecturer to utilize the research grant from the ministry to support the publication productivity of the scientific work, where every output will be registered to SINTA.(*)
Reported by: Ishaq Rahman;
Translated by Nurul Imansari;
Edited by Karmila Mokoginta

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