Unhas Community Service Program Students Head Again to Miangas

12 Jul 2016 , Admin05 Pengabdian Masyarakat

Syahrir (center) a Gowa ethnic individual that resides in Miangas Island. (Photo:Ist)

As much as 66 students of Universitas Hasanuddin, Monday (11/7) headed to Miangas Island to conduct their community service program (KKN) in the most frontier island of the Republic of Indonesia. To travel there, they used the KM Dorondola that follows the lanes of Makassar, Baubau, Namlea, Ambon, Ternate, and Bitung.

The Field Advising Lecture (DPL) of KKN Unhas Wave 93 Miangas Island, Riza Darma Putra, S.Sos, M.Si explained, that the students are hoped to arrive at the Bitung Port on 15 July 2016, and at night time continue their 2 day 2 night travel to the Miangas Island using the KM Meliku Nusa (DWT 500).

According to Riza, KM Meliku Nusa will drop passengers in the harbor before arriving at Miangas on 17 July 2016. The ports include Makalehi, Siau, Tahuna, Kawio, Kawaluso, Marore, and last, Miangas.

The departure of the students is in cooperation with Kodam VII Wirabuana. This is the fourth time the students of Unhas can travel only four hours by ship using the motorized canoe from Philippines, all thanks to the cooperation with Kodam. 

KKN Miangas was formulated in 2013, when those that took office include Pangdam VII Wirabuana Major General of the Indonesian Army Muhammad Nizam, continued by Major General Bachtiar (Dr., SIP, MAP), then now by Major General Agus Surya Bakti.

In the first wave (2013), Unhas sent 74 students, with M. Rusli Rukka, M. Dahlan Abubakar, and Riza Darma Putra as the advisors. The second batch (2014) consisted of 76 individuals including students from UNM, UIN Alauddin, and UMI. Meanwhile, the third wave (2015) consisted of 98 students, and now 66. (*)

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