The student of the medical faculty presentations in Netherlands

14 Jun 2016 , Larasati Akademik

Iin Tammasse (left) with Linda Djalil, author and former journalist of TEMPO at Iin book launch in Jakarta, December 2014. (Photo: MDA).

Iin Fadhilah Utami Tammasse, the fourth-semester student of the Medical Faculty of Hasanuddin, Monday (6/5) is leaving for Amsterdam,Netherland, in order to present her research work which received in '' The 23th International Student Congress of (bio) Medical Sciences (ISCOMS) Netherlands.

Eldest of two brothers children couples Drs.H.Tammasse Balla, M.Hum-Dr.dr.Jumraini, Sp.S will be the sole representative of Hasanuddin University in this event. There are some FKUH students submitting an abstract of their research, there are her senior submitting an abstract too, and some have already co-Ass. However, the only representative from Hasanuddin University who received the research only Iin Tammasse which incidentally occupy semester IV (Year II) in FKUH.

During the meeting, Iin will present a paper titled ''The efficacy of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in improving the motoric function of post-ischemic stroke Patients''

Young researchers medical faculty of birth 8 April 1995 will meet with students from around the world will be at Groningen University from June 7 to 10, 2016. Iin will be accompanied by her parents, enjoy her first sahur in Singapore and break the fasting in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This international congress brings together the student activist who concern in research problem that was first performed two years before Iin was born in 1995. During the congress, all participants will occupy the accommodation provided by the committee in: "Stichting Huisvesting Builtenlandse Studenten, Friesestraatweg 18, 9718 NH in Groningen, The Netherlands''.

Scheduled, Iin leaves Makassar Monday, June 6, 2016, left for Amsterdam, Netherlands with Emirates flight from Jakarta to Amsterdam that taken approximately 17 hours, and before that will transit to refuel "base camp" Emirates, Abu Dhabi.

''Sahur in Makassar, iftar in Amsterdam. Makassar and Amsterdam there is a difference time of 6 hours,'' said Tammasse Balla, Iin parents.

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