Names of the Officials Appointed on 22 December 2016

22 Dec 2016 , Admin05 Akademik

 The name of officials appointed include, Dr. Risfah Yulianty, S.Si, M.Si.Ap. as the Vice Dean on Planning, Finance, and Resources Faculty of Pharmacy. Prof. Dr. Andi Iqbal ST, M.Fish., Sc as the Sectretary of Quality Assurance Cluster Faculty of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, and Dr. dr. Jumraini, S.S.ked,. Sp.S. as the Secretary of Quality Assurance Cluster Faculty of Medicine.

Dr. Seniwati, S.Sos, M.Hum (Secretary of Faculty of Social and Polital Science Dean Cluster), Prof. Dr. dr. Muhammad Ramli Achmad, Sp.An (K), as the Head of the Anastasia Head Department Faculty of Medicine Period II, dr. Andi Dwi Bahagia Febriani, Ph.D. Sp.A. (Head of the Child Health Department, Faculty of Medicine), Dr. dr. Andi Makbul Aman, Sp. PD.K-EMD (Head of the Internal Disease Department, Faculty of Medicine), dr. Muhammad Husni, S.ked, Ph.D. (Head of the Forensic and Medico legal Department, Faculty of Medicine), Dr. Prasuri Kuswarini, M.A. (Secretary of the Roman Western Literature Department, Faculty of Literature), Drs. Mansur, M.Si (Head of the Law Administration and BAPSI Implementation Division), Mardani, S.H., M.Si. (Head of the Information System Administration Division BAPSI), Drs. M. Tahir (Head of the Administration Division, Faculty of Literature), Muliaty Baharuddin S.Sos, M.M. (Head of the Internal Quality Assurance Institution Administration), Kamaruddin SM, STP (Head of the Faculty of Law Administration Division), Moh. Ervinhala, S.Sos, M.M. (Head of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Division), Titiek Andriani, S.Sos, M.M. (Head of the Faculty of Pharmacy Administration Division), Rahmat Mulya, S.E. (Head of the LKPP Administration), Irwan S.E., MAP (Head of the General Affairs and Equipment Faculty of Public Health Division), Muhammad Nasir S.Sos (Head of the General Affairs and Equipment Faculty of Pharmacy Division), Nurliah S.Sos (Head of the Sub-Division BAU Administration), Andi Andriani S.Sos, M.M. (Head of Sub-Division on Finance and Employee Affairs Faculty of Pharmacy), Muh. Yusuf Ismail, S.T., M.T. (Head Sub-Division of the Administrative Staff BAPSI), Rini Angraeni, S.Kom (Head Sub-Division of the Faculty of Law Education), Ramlah (Head of the Sub-Division LPPM Program), Abd. Kadir A. Rahman S.E. (Head of the Sub-Division on Student Welfare Services Bureau), and Madya Efendy, S.Sos (Head of the Faculty of Public Health Sub-Division Student Affairs).

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