Mosque Symbolizes Spiritual Education and Character

24 Jun 2016 , Admin05 Press Release

Unhas Rector Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu praying during the first stone placement of the Harun Rasyid Mosque construction renovation of the Faculty of Engineering Gowa, Thursday (23/6). (Photo:mda).

The construction of a mosque as an avenue of worship is known to realize the combination of 2 essences of life, including spiritual and character development. Such a concept is what the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education Institution is now firmly developing.

“Mosque is a private and public sphere, spiritual and the character becomes a holistic unity. This is facilitated by the construction of the campus mosque,” stated the Unhas Rector Prof. Dr. Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, M.A. during the first stone placement of the Harun Rasyid Mosque renovations, located at the Faculty of Engineering Gowa, Thursday (23/6) evening.

Dwia judged, that what the Dean Faculty of Engineering is conducting is something that needs to be appreciated. Nothing is impossible if we unite to implement it.

“Especially, later on, the alumni of Engineering will hold a reunion. We surely hope they will be able to contribute towards the construction of this mosque,” hoped Dwia.

For Unhas, contributions of course will also be allocated. The responsibility of Unhas in assisting the processes of the building construction that combine two worlds, spiritual, and character, is a particular prerequisite.

Head Committee on the Harun Rasyid Mosque Construction, Dr. Eng Ihsan, S.T., M.T. in his report stated, that the increase of students admitted to the Engineering Faculty with an estimation of 5.000 individuals means that the mosque would not be able to facilitate the Friday Prayers for such a figure. Therefore the renovation of the 5.000m2 building can no longer be pended.

The concept of the mosque construction with an estimation of 3.000m2 with a 2.000 people capacity on the first floor and the second floor for multifunctional purposes, besides for the use of worships, also will be the location of sharia businesses.

“The budget is predicted to be in the figures of IDR 13,4 billion, and we hope the contributions of all elements in this matter,” stated Ihsan during the event that was attended by the University Secretary, Dr. Ir. Nasaruddin Salam, M.T., Vice Rector I Prof. Dr. Junaidi, faculty deans and a number of invitees.

The first stone placement event for the renovation of the mosque was then followed by an Iftar conducted at the Faculty of Engineering Unhas. 

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