Lephas to Soon Become a Business Unit

1 Aug 2016 , Admin05 Press Release

Unhas Rector Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu (left) discussing with the Director of Lephas Unhas Alwy Rahman during the Rector visit in the Lephas Office, Monday (1/8/2016). (Photo:mda)

Universitas Hasanuddin Publishing Institution (Lephas) is currently prepared to becoming an Unhas Business Unit in the face of the Autonomous Status (PTN BH).

“Lephas will at least at certain times, be able to return the capital that we have utilized for the purchasing of facilities,” stated the Unhas Rector Prof. Dr. Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, M.A. during her visit, Monday (1/8/2016).

Unhas Rector while observing the publishing institution, was accompanied by the Vice Rector IV Prof. dr. Budu, Sp.M.(K), Ph.D., Director of Innovation and Research Prof. Dr. Ir. Sudirman, Director of Assets Dr. M. Akbar, M.Si, and Head of Equipment Unhas Dra. Fatmahara. During her visit, the Director of Lephas Unhas, Drs. M. Alwy Rahman along with his staff greeted the Unhas Rector.

For the procurement of the equipment that has been utilized for matters related to publishing and printing of the IV Period of Unhas Graduation a while back, Unhas was able to attain IDR 2,4 billion. With the presence of such a facility, Unhas will no longer have the need to print in publishing corporations outside of the university, especially the printing of books. The service of publishing using state of the art technology and machinery can facilitate the publishing needs of black and white, and colored printing, with the cover design that is sufficient.

Director of the Lephas M. Alwy Rahman explained, for the printing of A3 measured books and calendars, the publishing institution is ready to facilitate such demands, full in color. There is now a growing trend of publishing books in a small scale, therefore the body adapts to meet such a substantially growing demand.

 “So we can also print for limited numbers, an example being between the figures of 200-300 in one publishing time. The lowest being 100 copies. This is though as long as the master files are still in the hands of the institution,” stated Alwy Rahman.

According to Alwy, there is now present a growing trend of publishing using indigo, which is publishing based solely on the demands. For example, if there is an exhibition, the numbers of copies requested are usually between the numbers of 40-50 copies. Therefore the writers would tend to order those exact numbers.

After the discussions taking place in the publishing room Lephas, Unhas Rector along with those accompanying, took a close look at the available facilities including the front yard that is vast in size. Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu asked the Director of Innovation and Research, Director of Asset, and the Director of Lephas to soon lay out a business plan that would utilize the publishing institution operations in a maximal state. For the meanwhile, all kinds of Unhas publishing needs and demands must be conducted in lephas, though all the details must be specified. 

Dwia was also shocked to see 200 copies of graduation books printed a couple of years ago that was not handed over to the graduates.

“It should be the graduates that have hold over these books as their documentation of the graduation ceremony,” stated Dwia while hoping that the books printed with a substantial amount of funding needs to be offered to graduates of interest.

“Therefore no need to force, only those that have interest in it,” she concluded. (*)

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