International, open tender for the “Hospital UNHAS Makassar” - Project

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Dec 21, 2017, 12:00 pm, noon, (WITA)



Ref.-N°: BMZ – ID.: 2099 18 111


Ref.: International, open tender for the “Hospital UNHAS Makassar” - Project


Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education

Project Measures:

The Project concerns the procurement of medical equipment and the completion of the construction of the BCD Building at the Hasanuddin University Hospital (UNHAS) in Makassar. The Project includes the procurement of telemedicine equipment and delivery of Human Resources Capacity measures. The purpose of the Project is the development of UNHAS into a comprehensive teaching hospital including the establishment of a center of excellence.

Requested Services: The requested services of the Consultant under this tender shall provide:

• Identification and review of the scope of works

• Support for Project coordination, supervision, monitoring and evaluation

• Support for Tender preparation (including preparation of owner’s estimate, specification, etc.), executing, evaluation and award of contracts

• Quality assurance of the implementation of works under the Project (e.g. construction supervision) and installation of equipment

• Time Schedule management of project implementation

• Administrative & Financial Project Management

• Coordination of Training Activities

• Reporting

• Support to accreditation

The prequalification of experienced Consultants is subject to the regulations contained in the “Guidelines for Assignment of Consultants in Financial Co-operation Projects” (see The contract will be awarded to an independent Consultant firm with proven experience in the related sectors and the region and a minimum average annual turnover of EUR 1.25 million.

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