In Period III, Unhas graduation 2047 of Graduates

22 Mar 2016 , Larasati Akademik

Some graduates walked to the front of the stage to receive a diploma ..

At the graduation period of 23 and 24 March, 2016, Hasanuddin University graduated 2,047 alumni. The amount is comprised of bachelor degree (S-1) as much as 1,225 graduates and 822 graduate courses. Two graduates of the bachelor does not follow the graduation, each one from humanities and agriculture.


Details graduates of bachelor: Economy 76 graduates, Law 118 graduates, Medicine 398 graduates, Engineering 157 graduates, Social and Political Sciences 107 graduates, Literature 30 graduates, Agriculture 64 graduates, Mathematics and Natural Sciences 104 graduates, Animal Husbandry 28 graduates, Dentistry 15 graduates, Public Health 28 graduates, Marine and Fishery 33 graduates, Forestry 36 graduates, and Pharmacy 31 graduates. 


Graduate courses is comprised of : Profession: Apoteker 129 graduates, Dentist 20 graduates, Doctor 64 graduates, Ners A 50 graduates (total 263 graduates). Post graduate : Doctor Education Program Specialist (PPDS) of Medical 76 graduates, Doctor Education Program Specialist of Dentistry 8 graduates, Master Programme (S-2) 384 graduates, dan Doctoral Programme (S-3) 91 people. 

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