Glorious, the Mubes and Halal Bihalal IKA FISIP

31 Jul 2016 , Admin05 Kiprah Alumni

The atmosphere during the photograph of the Halal Bihalal IKA Fisip Unhas Event, Sunday (31/7)

The FIS field that was once used to inaugurate the Tamalanrea Campus, 17 September 1981 by the late president, Soeharto, Sunday (31/7) was crowded. Hundreds of alumni of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Unhas filled the field, surrounded by the long existing buildings of the Tamalanrea Campus.

Unhas Rector Prof. Dr. Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, M.A. that also includes as alumni of the Sociology Study Program, Social and Political Sciences, was in the center of the glorious Mubes and Halal Bihalal conducted.

The Mubes alone took place in the Prof. Dr. H. M. Sjukur Abdullah until 13.00. Prof. Dr. Armin Arsyad, M.Si. that currently positions as the Secretary of Community Service Institution (LPPM) Unhas, handed over the leadership symbol to Dr. H. Andi Fahsar Mahdin Padjalangi, M.Si that also is the Regent of Bone. Among the Alumni that is also a functionary official that was present during the event includes, Bone Regent, Jeneponto Regent Ikhsan, Vice Mayor Syamsu Rizal, Vice Regent Bulukumba Tommy S. Yulianto, Member of DPR RI Umar Arsal, Member of DPRD South Sulawesi Haidar Madjid, Member of DPRD Makassar Rahman Pina, Head of KPUD Central Kalimantan, BPJS Supervising Board Member Micahel J. Latuwael, and the other alumni.

The event then was followed by official greetings from the Unhas Rector Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, as well as the door prize event that took place with full of glory. But what was most memorable was the selfie taken by the alumni along with the Unhas Rector that happens also to be alumni of the Faculty of Social-Political Sciences, which took place at nighttime. (*)

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