Fashar Padjalangi Leading IKA Fisip Unhas

31 Jul 2016 , Admin05 Kiprah Alumni

Rektor Unhas Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu photographed with the newly elected Head of the Fisip Unhas Alumni Association A. Fahsar M. Padjalangi along with the Fisip Unhas Alumni during the Halal Bihalal IKA Fisip Unhas, Monday (31/7)

The tasks of Dr. Haji Andi Fahsar Mahdin Padjalangi, M.Si now increases. Besides embracing the responsibility of being the Bone Regent that he has held since 2013, now the brother of Prof. Dr. Ir. Syamsul Arifin P, M.Eng, that was the former Vice Rector II Unhas during the Unhas Rector period of Prof. Dr. Ir. Radi A. Gany must embrace the trust given by his comrades as the Head of the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Unhas for the next period to come.

Fahsar is not a newbie when it comes to organizational matters. As a descendant of an academic family, he has invested many of his years in student, youth, social, and governmental organizations. Such a foundation has led him being the Vice Regent, and eventually the Regent of the Bone Regency.

Born in Makassar, 21 June 1963, he completed his kindergarten (1969), and primary school (1974) in the Bone Regency. In 1974 he enrolled in Junior High School 6 Makassar, one of the known favorite schools of Makassar. He completed his studies at the school located in Jl. Jenderal A. Yani in 1977. 

After completing his studies from the Junior High School 6 Makassar, fahsar then was accepted to the Senior High School 5 Makassar, also known as a favorite school in Makassar. After completing his studies in 1981, he then was registered as a student in Universitas Hasanuddin, specifically the study program of State Administration Studies, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, that he eventually completed by 1987.

While dedicating his life throughout his career, he also continued his Master's studies on Local Governance in his alma mater institution in 2002. During his free time as the Vice Regent, then the Regent of Bone Regency (with the Vice Regent being Drs. H. Ambo Dalle, M.M.), Fahsar eventually completed his Doctoral Degree in 2013.

On the matter of organizational experiences, he was once the Vice Head of Kosogoro 1957 South Sulawesi until now, Kosogoro Bone Regency 2003 until now, Head of the HIMA MKGR Makassar 1983-1986, Head of the Arts Board 1999-2007, Head of the Sepaktakraw Association of Indonesia (PSTI) Bone Regency 2001-2008, Organizing Commissionaire of Golkar Sub-District Tanete Riattang 1982, Head of the Coop Board Indonesia (Dekopindo) Bone Regency, and Main Secretary AMPI Bone Regency 1993-2003, and Head of DPD II Golkar Bone Regency 2013.

The experience records are known as highly substantial. Started by being part of the Civil Service Police Unit Sub-district Tanete Riattang, Bone, Sekwilcam Tanete Riattang Bone Regency, Subdistrict Head Cina Bone Regency, Economic Development Assistant Regency Secretariat Bone Regency, Specialized Staff for Law and Politics South Sulawesi Regency, and then as the Regent of Bone 2013. (*)

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