Community Service and Unhas Innovation Product Exhibition in Bantaeng Regency

3 Sep 2017 , admin00 Pengabdian Masyarakat

Vice Rector for Innovation and Partnership hands over the plants result of Unhas innovation for animal feed to the Regent of Bantaeng, to be given to local farmers.

On behalf of the 61st Dies Natalis, Universitas Hasanuddin conducted the launching of the Integrated Community Service Program, taking place in the yard of the Seruni Beach, Bantaeng Regency, Sunday (3/9/2017), since 10.30 WITA. The event that is coupled with the Innovation and Product Exhibition Unhas was participated by the Bantaeng Regent, Prof. Dr. Nurdin Abdullah, M.Agr, Vice Rector for Innovation and Partnership, Prof. dr. Budu, Ph.D., Sp.M(K), M.Ed, and Head of the Research and Community Service Institution (LP2M), Prof. Dr. Ir. La Ode Asrul, MA. Other Head Officials that was present includes Heads of Faculties, Board of Trustees, Academic Senate, Unhas academic elements, along with the Head SKPD of the Bantaeng Regent Government. 
During the start of the event, Head of the Unhas LP2M, Prof. La Ode Asrul stated his high appreciation to the partnership and willingness of the Bantaeng Regency. “We attained a marvelous greeting. Not only are we facilitated for the success of this event, but we were also escorted from Makassar to Bantaeng. It is like we were picked up,” stated Prof. La Ode, greeted with laughs by the crowd. 
Meanwhile, the Bantaeng Regent Prof. Nurdin Abdullah stated of his blissfulness with the conduct of community service at his region. He confessed how since the beginning when he was the Head of Village, Unhas had been his primary consultation destination in seeking solutions. On the other hand, Unhas has also given support to solve numerous development issues.
“I remember when I was inaugurated as the Regent, I was summoned by Prof. Akil, and he stated that: Unhas is your kitchen, never forget your kitchen. And that is what I have done. Every time I faced problems, I would always go back to Unhas. So, If anyone says that Nurdin has succeeded as a Regent, that is also the success of Unhas,” stated Nurdin Abdullah, greeted with cheers. 
In his speech representing the Unhas Rector, the Vice Rector for Innovation and Partnership, Prof. Budu, admitted how the Bantaeng Regent has a positive image in numerous stakeholders. “If we submit a research or community service proposal with the Bantaeng Regency Government as the partnering institution, a positive response will always be expected,” enthusiastically addressed by Prof. Budu.
The partnership between Unhas and Bantaeng Regency is one among the many implemented partnerships developed by Unhas. “As a higher education institution that is in the first cluster based on the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, the partnership orientation is founded on the principles of Academic, Business, Community, and Government. Therefore, we also have multi stakeholder partnerships, for example between Unhas, Bantaeng Regency Government, and BPPT,” elaborated Prof. Budu. 
During this event, the Unhas products displayed is the result of innovation and ready to be mainstreamed, or given to industries. Besides agricultural commodities, Unhas innovation in the form of fishing boats was also presented, an innovation which contains significant advantages with flat plate technology making it flexible and easy to reach rural areas. 
The Bantaeng Regent, accompanied by the Heads of Unhas, then visited the Unhas innovation stand. On this opportunity, the Bantaeng Regent and Unhas Rector (represented by the Vice Rector for Innovation and Partnership), also produced the innovation product of “dodol markisa.” This product is produced by the Community Business Group that is supervised by the Entrepreneurship and Business Incubator, Agribusiness Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Hasanuddin, in partnership with the Department of Food Security Bantaeng Regency. 

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