64th Anniversary, Rector of Universitas Hasanuddin Presented Online and Offline Achievements.

10 Sep 2020 , admin_kui Akademik

The Rector of Universitas Hasanuddin (Unhas), Prof. Dr. Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, MA., presented the performance and achievements of Unhas in the 64th Anniversary Ceremony. The commemoration ceremony with implementing the Covid-19 health protocol took place in the Baruga A.P Pettarani Unhas Building at 9:00 a.m. and was connected to the zoom meeting application and live streaming on the Unhas YouTube channel, Thursday (10/09).

Governor of South Sulawesi (Prof. Dr. Ir. HM Nurdin Abdullah, M.Agr), Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Unhas (Drs. Syafruddin, M.Si), Chair of the Unhas Academic Senate (Prof. Dr. Dadang Achmad Suriamihardja), Chair of the Teacher Council Besar Unhas (Prof. Dr. Ir. Mursalim), and deans in the Unhas environment attended the activity.

A number of elements of the South Sulawesi Regional Leadership Communication Forum (Forkopimda), including: Commander XIV of the Hasanuddin Regional Military, South Sulawesi Police Chief, Head of the High Prosecutor's Office, Chairman of the South Sulawesi High Court, Commander of the Main Base of the Indonesian Navy, Commander II of the Air Force Operations Base, Officials of the Mayor of Makassar, as well as several leaders of Universitas Hasanuddin partners were also present.

The 64th Anniversary of Universitas Hasanuddin raised the central theme "Strengthening Unhas as Humaniversity in Adaptation to New Habits".

In 64th Anniversary report, Prof. Dwia explained various achievements that Unhas had obtained during the past year as a form of implementing the mandate of Higher Education.

At this momentum, Prof. Dwia explained that it would be used as a reflection of various efforts to improve the quality of Unhas as a higher education institution for the past, present and future, in order to strengthen the role of Unhas in society.

"Unhas will continue to be a mainstay institution through outputs and outcomes resulting from measurable inputs and processes. Of course, the measure of success is not only in Unhas' position. However, more importantly Unhas is always part of solving problems and realizing the benefit of society," explained Prof. Dwia.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Unhas as the vanguard of scientific advancement acted and acted with superior and productive resources. Innovation is the key for Unhas to play a bigger role in the community during an outbreak situation. Various strategic and policy steps were carried out optimally. All corners of Unhas' resources were mobilized optimally to support the prevention of the spread of Covid-19.

On the same occasion, the Chairman of Board of Trustees of Unhas, Drs. Syafruddin, M.Sc., appreciated Unhas' various achievements that were still productive in the situation of the Covid-19 outbreak. One of them is the increase in the ranking of Unhas. Unhas is the only State University outside Java that is included in the top 10 best universities. 

"We will continue to oversee and support the development planned by Unhas. In addition, I urge Unhas graduates to be ready to optimize Artificial Intelligence. To be a pioneer in creating and building good technology," explained Syafruddin.

The governor of South Sulawesi, Prof. Dr. Ir. H. M. Nurdin Abdullah, M.Agr., hopes that Unhas can increasingly become a strong foundation in building resources in South Sulawesi with strong leadership support.

"We are proud to have Unhas with excellent human resources. The provincial government of South Sulawesi is grateful for the active role of Unhas and the government in solving the problem of the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak," explained Prof. Nurdin.

The 64th Unhas Anniversary ceremony was filled with congratulations from various national figures, Unhas partners, and other mayor and governor from all over Indonesia. the 12th Vice President who was also the Chair of the Unhas Alumni Association (Jusuf Kalla), the Governor of DKI Jakarta (Anis Baswedan), the Governor of Central Java (Gandjar Pranowo), and the Chair of the Indonesian People's Consultative Assembly (Bambang Soesatyo) also congratulated Unhas via video streaming.

The 64th Anniversary of Unhas went smoothly until 11.30 WITA. (* / Mir)


Editor: Ishaq Rahman, AMIPR

Head of sub-directorate of Public Relation and Information

Directorate of Communication Hasanuddin University

Translator: Kumara Tungga Dewa and Karmila Mokoginta

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