2017 National Dialogue for an Economic Development with Quality

14 Sep 2017 , admin00 Pengabdian Masyarakat

Unhas Rector during the Focus Group Discussion on the Indonesian National Economy

Unhas became the Host of the National Dialogue 2017 for Eastern Indonesia. The national assembly was conducted in the form of a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and held in the Meeting Room A, 4th floor of the Unhas Rectorate Building on Thursday, 14 September 2017.
The national assembly was aimed to attain inputs as well as evaluations in the fields of economy, industry, and trade throughout the past three years of Joko Widodo’s presidency term. A number of individuals were present, namely Unhas Rector Prof. Dr. Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, MA, Head of the Indonesian Economic Graduates Association (ISEI) Makassar Branch Dr. Agus Salim, SE, MS, Dr. Piter Abdullah, SE, MA as the FGD moderator, and Dr. Rimawan Prapdityo as the facilitator in the FGD. Besides that, a number of representatives also took part in the FGD, including lecturers, Bank Indonesia representatives, and the Trade and Industry Division of South Sulawesi.
In her opening remarks, Prof. Dwia stated that as academics, Unhas would need to be active in facilitating events such as this National Assembly. She further said that to advance national economic development, a comprehensive synergy will need to be constructed from the lowest to the highest level of decision makers. 
Prof. Dwia recommended that if the government were to reindustrialize for the progress of economic development quality, human resources must be a major point of consideration. "Talking about human resources is inseparable with academics. Universities have maximally advanced the capacities of its academic elements, but unfortunately the funds available for research continues to face cuts," she stated.
She further hopes that from the conduct of the event, a sharper view on the economy, industry, and trade, can be of immense benefits for the development of the state. 
Five issues became the focus of the FGD, namely the reindustrialization process acceleration, fiscal stability to support industrial competitiveness and community purchasing capacities, financial system stability, innovative funding, as well as nation-owned enterprises, private companies, and coop synergy,
In the FGD, Drs. H. Ilham Alim Bachrie, MM as the representative of the Trade and Industry Division stated how there are great consistencies in the establishment of partnership regulations with investors. "If there are changes to government regulation, what we fear is additional changes to the regulations for investors," he stated. Besides that, he also suggested that the funds for villages from the Ministry of Village be allocated appropriately.
Another major suggestion was elaborated by Dr. Tadjuddin Parenta, MA, a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics Unhas. He stated that the national economic growth would advance if it focuses on small-scale industries owned by the community. "Community industries must be the basis of an advanced economy, therefore must be a center of attention," he added.
The recommendations from this National Assembly will be combined with the professional inputs collected from Balikpapan and Medan, to be discussed further in the National Assembly in Universitas Indonesia. "We will receive all positive and negative suggestions, to be presented in the National Assembly in UI," Dr. Piter Abdullah, SE, MA concluded.

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