2016, Unhas received 510 Bidik Misi students

11 May 2016 , Larasati Informasi Mahasiswa

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Alumni Dr.Ir. Abd. Rashid J, M.Si

That amount, according to the Vice Chancellor III, run into decreased from previous years. Rasyid detailing, in 2015, the number of applicants who are interested getting the Bidik Misi scholarship about 1,200 students, but accepted 780 students. In 2014, the applicants of Bidik Misi scholarship there are 2000 of students, but 964 students accepted. "So the number of the recipients of this Bidik Misi scholarship its trend has run into decreased," said Rasyid who informed the cause of a decrease in the number of recipients of the Bidik Misi solely because of budget allocations from the government are also decreased.

Main criteria on which to base consideration of the Bidik Misi scholarship recipients, continued the Vice Chancellor III who is familiarly called Mr. Cido, is not able to economically with criteria: students recipient Beasiswa Siswa Miskin (BSM) or Kartu Indonesia Pintar (KIP) or the like ; or a combined gross income of parents/guardian (husband and wife) at a maximum of Rp3,000,000.00 per month.

It could also, further Rasyid, a combined gross income of parents/guardians divided by the number of family members maximum Rp750.000,00 each month. Education of parents/guardians as high as S1 (Strata 1) or Diploma 4; "It's also important to have good academic potential based on objective and accurate recommendations from the Principal," said the Vice Chancellor III. The amount of the Bidik Misi scholarship  is Rp. 600,000 per month that given directly to the account of the scholarship recipients. "That does not include the cost of education (SPP), which is automatically paid by the government," said Cido. (Ab)

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