Faculty of Pharmacy of Universitas Hasanuddin Produced Innovative Products from Rosella Flower Petals

9 Aug 2020 , admin_kui Akademik

The Faculty of Pharmacy of Universitas Hasanuddin (Unhas) presented innovative ready-to-serve beverage products, concentrate syrup, and instant drinks in the form of powder / granules from rosella flower petals. This innovative product containing the extract of rosella flower petal, vitamin C, and stevia sugar is formulated based on empirical experience and research.

Team Leader, Dr. Sartini, M.Sc., Apt., explained that the development of this innovative product is an implementation of funding assistance from the Campus Intellectual Product Business Development Program (Program Pengembangan Usaha Produk Intelektual Kampus/PPUPIK). Through this scheme, Higher Education has the opportunity to earn income and help create new entrepreneurs.

The research and innovation process was started with the determination of the Rosella flower as one of the research roadmap research topics. PPUPIK Proposal submission is related to the preparation of Rosella flowers as antioxidants and antimicrobials. In addition, this innovative product is also a part of the Pharmacy Center of Excellence, where one of the business units is herbal-based products.

"From the empirical experience and scientific articles that we explored, we found that rosella flower petals have an antioxidant effect that can prevent degenerative diseases, including increased uric acid levels, increased cholesterol levels, hypertension and diabetes," explained Sartini, who is also the Deputy Dean of Planning and Finance, Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Hasanuddin

It takes time to manufacture a Rosella flower-based product, which depends on the dosage form. In its development, the team planed to have three variants, namely ready-to-serve drinks, concentrate syrup, and powder / granule instant drinks.

In the first year, the research team produced ready-to-drink drinks measuring 150 ml and 600 ml, because they could still be circulated as long as they had a shelf life of less than seven days. So it is made using a preorder system with small-scale market segmentation.

Meanwhile, for concentrate syrup products and instant drinks, Sartini said that his team had just made a prototype while applying for a distribution permit.

In making this innovative product, the challenge faced by the research team is mainly related to the availability of tools that support the extraction process such as a freezedryer or spray drier, which are quite expensive.

"Apart from the availability of tools, Rosella flower petals are a plant that cannot bloom throughout the year, usually at the beginning of the new rainy season, there are a lot of flowers and currently Rosella flowers are not widely cultivated in Makassar," added Sartini.

To produce this innovative product, the main ingredients used are Rosella flower petals, water, and stevia sugar so that it can be consumed by diabetics, and can be fortified with vitamin C to get a synergistic effect from the product.

Research Team Member:

1. Dr. Sartini, MSi, Apt

2. Prof. Dr. M. Natsir Djide, Apt., 

3. Nana Juniarti, M.Si., Apt.,

4. Nur Amir, M.Si., Apt 

5. Muh. Agung Ady Mangilep, S.E.,M.S 

And several students involved. (*/mir)


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