Civil Engineering Department and Electrical Engineering Department Achieved ABET Accreditation, Equivalent to American Graduates.

27 Aug 2020 , admin_kui Akademik

Two Departments in Faculty of Engineering (Fakultas Teknik/FT) Universitas Hasanuddin (Unhas), Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering, have successfully met the requirements required to hold accredited status from Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET). To achieve this, Unhas has gone through a fairly long review process of compliance.

ABET is a non-governmental accreditation institution for the fields of engineering, IT and applied technology. This institution is highly credible and widely recognized throughout the world. ABET applies accreditation standards with the principle of sustainable quality improvement (sustainable improvement), and is known to be very strict in providing assessments.

In a statement on Thursday (27/8), the Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Arsyad Thaha, MT explained that Unhas had received the assessment results from ABET management in the United States. After a visitation conducted in November 2019, the Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering Study Program were declared to have met the accreditation requirements.

"So we have been declared to be accredited until December 2022. To obtain fully accredited status, we still need to complete several documents until July 2021. We are committed to arrange the requested documents," said Prof. Arsyad.

Basically, the accreditation status that has been received currently with the status of full-accreditation only differs in the aspect of duration or validity period. Currently, the accreditation status is valid for two years. Meanwhile, if the documents has fulfilled the requirements of full-accreditation, the validity period will be extended to six years.

The Dean of Faculty of Engineering warmly welcomed the achievement of this accreditation, which became a motivation for all Engineering academicians to develop themselves. "The advantage of ABET's accreditation status is that our graduates can be compared to graduates in America," said Prof. Arsyad.

Chairman of the Institute for Quality Assurance and Education Development (Lembaga Penjaminan Mutu dan Pengembangan Pendidikan/LPMPP) Unhas, Dr. Ir. Budi Prastawa, M.Sc explained that this was a proud achievement, beacuse of ABET’s prestigious reputation.

“This institution has a high reputation and is very prestigious. Therefore, even though we are accredited under the conditions, but achieving it is not that easy. Even in Indonesia, there is not a single tertiary institution that has received full accreditation from ABET without requirements,” said Budi.

Budi Prastawa said that the acquisition of ABET accreditation made all Unhas academics aware of the importance of quality culture. This accreditation illustrates that the sustainable improvement of quality culture is important and strategic, if a study program wants to get international accreditation or certification.

The aspect of sustainable quality assurance seems to be an important note which must be addressed by the two study programs in order to obtain Full Accreditation (full accreditation).

Rector of Unhas, Prof. Dr. Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, MA, warmly welcomed and appreciated all parties involved in preparing of accreditation, especially to the Civil Engineering Study Program, Electrical Engineering Study Program, leaders of the Faculty of Engineering, and the Institute for Quality Assurance and Education Development (LPMPP).

“We are committed to the sustainable improvement of quality culture. This achievement is clear evidence that Unhas has carried out a development strategy in accordance with the principle of continuous quality improvement. I congratulate the Faculty of Engineering, especially to the Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering Study Programs,” said Prof. Dwia.

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